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The 72 passing and 75 Shooting could be better

The 72 passing and 75 Shooting could be better, but it's a natural for any youngster that gets more proficient with age. Mwepu's card could also be played as a CDM and CAM in the game and demonstrates his versatility.

EA Sports will likely remove this card as soon as they can from FIFA 23 altogether. Those with him in their team will have their own copy in Ultimate Team mode. However, they'll be turned into untradable versions which means they cannot be sold on the marketplace.

This would also mean the card will be taken out of all packs and won't be offered. Future events or objectives that could have rewarded that card from FIFA 23 will also be changed. But, EA Sports might release a limited-edition Mwepu card to honor his achievements during his short career.

Mwepu will also disappear from Career Mode as well as offline matches. In the meantime players will remain allowed to play with additional licensed players who hail from Brighton and go for a spin on the track in their career. For the young talent, it's a real shame but it's an appropriate choice when looking back.

The footballing community has prematurely experienced a loss of many players over the years due to injuries, illnesses and many more. No one would have imagined this to happen but, unfortunately it has.

Anyone with the card will be able to enjoy the benefits for the time being. The outcome will be frustrating for everyone in the community as Mpewu had started the season in a positive way and was rapidly becoming an outstanding player on the field. If you want to enjoy cheaper and more comprehensive FIFA 23 Coins purchase service, please visit mmoexp.

« The changes mentioned above are positive stepsThat means the Browns will likely have to open »

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