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The MMOexp Diablo 4 franchise is in a state of confusion right now

I'm not really a fan of Diablo Immortal, but I'm sure some gamers might. It's a fairly inconsequential title within a rich and storied series and the F2P mechanics can be as disruptive as they look. But if (and this is a huge "if") you're able to get past that, there's an excellent game beneath which offers satisfying gameplay as well as a myriad of fun activities to pursue.

If you've not played the Diablo series before, this is probably not the place to start. I'd recommend Diablo III instead, which you can play absolutely free on PC. For Diablo gamers, Immortal is at least worthy of a look. However, beware that the game is demanding of your time, or, in the best case scenario, a lot of your money.

The Diablo franchise is in a state of confusion right now. Diablo Immortal has been a runaway commercial growth for Blizzard but the game has tarnished Diablo's reputation because of its questionable, and possibly unsustainable commercialization. Diablo 4 has looked impressive in gameplay reveal trailers similar trailers, but many players have expressed concerns it'll be akin to Diablo Immortal's microtransactions. Blizzard has tried to reassure gamers of the game's microtransactions However, we'll not know for certain what the game will be like until the game has been officially out.

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