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The changes mentioned above are positive steps

Then there is a vocal and large segment from Activision, Blizzard, and King employees, known as The ABK Workers Alliance, has not yet had the four demands it has made to have a more harmonious workplace accepted by the company's management. This includes an end to forced arbitration, the use of inclusive hiring methods, improved transparency of pay by utilizing compensation metrics, and an audit of company policies that is to be handled by a neutral third-party.

"We recognize that we have a lot to complete to restore the trust of our community. I know we as a leadership group within Blizzard have work to do to restore confidence in our team, as well as our employee's trust." -- WoW game director Ion Hazzikostas

Some of those requirements are finally, after many months of silence, acknowledged by leadership. In a letter from Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick published online ahead of the company's investor conference call, Kotick said the company is working to implement the "strictest discrimination and harassment policies of any employer." The company has pledged to raise the percentage of female and people who are non-binary by 50%, alongside the investment of $250 million "to expand opportunities to attract diverse talent." Kotick is also vowing to end the forced arbitration of sexual harassment and discrimination claims. More pay transparency is coming also as Kotick affirming that the company will release pay equity data each year.

The changes mentioned above are positive steps in the right direction and will hopefully at least to meet some demands from employees. However, some of the actions that the company has taken go against the demands of employees of ABK Workers Alliance. Activision Blizzard did select a third party to audit its company's policies. However it is important to note that, as it was pointed out by the ABK Workers Alliance has pointed out that the law firm involved, WilmerHale, has a already-established relationship with certain Activision Blizzard executives and is known to have used methods of preventing unions from being employed by corporations like Amazon and Uber previously.

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