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EA told Eurogamer that FUT Lootboxes

However of the quality of Ultimate Team's bread & cake of purchasing and selling absurd little boys is not something I would recommend. Even if I still have some enjoyment every year without paying, it's the brutal nature that it's easy to get into debt, if you're able to go full Gollum with one last treasured player pack.

Beyond consolidating transfer markets However, there have been no meaningful changes to EA's morally questionable strategy for microtransactions. I noticed that the ratings are now rising during the flashy launch which makes it feel more as if it's a one-armed bandit...

Despite continuous pressure from regulators, pay-to win microtransactions remain a problem in FIFA 23. Loot boxes can be found in the form of player-filled packs within FIFA's wildly popular Ultimate Team mode. You can purchase FIFA Points with bundles beginning at PS0.79 per 100 FIFA Points and increasing to a whopping PS79.99 which is 12,000 FIFA Points. The Premium Gold Pack costs 150 FIFA Points. It also includes 12 gold-rated players or consumables, which can be used in game or sold on transfers markets.

As for the company's policy, EA told Eurogamer that FUT Lootboxes "are a part that of FIFA that players enjoy," and that "giving players the ability to buy however they like can be fair." The company has no plans to alter its approach to "surprise mechanics" unless laws are passed which force it to.

This doesn't make the situation any better, but it's worth noting that, because of these laws, you can be able to set weekly restrictions on FIFA Points spending and pack that are opened within Ultimate Team, and see the likelihood of getting a highly rated player before opening an actual pack. FIFA 23 also offers preview packs that are time-bound so you can view what's inside the pack prior to when you choose to buy it, but this currently only applies to one pack that updates once each day.

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