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The chance of groups of monsters has been adjusted

The chance of groups of monsters has been adjusted.The the following creatures have been modified to grant more progression and exalted levels within Greater Rifts: blazing GuardiansSmoldering GuardiansFrost GuardianNoxious GuardianShock GuardianBlood Clan SpearmanDark Moon Clan ImpalerMoon Clan ImpalerBlood Clan ImpalerIce Clan ImpalerHell WitchVile TemptressPlayers can communicate with Orek to end any active Greater Rift.

This feature is only available in the single-player game.Further enhanced the progress granted by certain monsters within Greater Rifts.Additionally this option increased the level of progression granted via Fallen Shaman, Fallen Conjurer Fallen Prophet as well as Fallen Firemage.Updated appearance and effects upon the entry into an Orek's Dream.Updated the Orek's Dream vignette so that it is more prominent.

Legacy of Raekor (4-piece Bonus): Furious Charge gains the effects of every rune and causes 1000% more damage. For every one-percent Life you are missing, the damage of your Ancient Spear is increased by 2%.Legacy of Raekor (6-piece Bonus) Attacking enemies using Furious Charge or Throwing a weapon Throw boosts the damage of your new Ancient Spear by 5500% and triggers it to release multiple spears that are released from the target.

This effect is cumulative and every spear throw is consumed an maximum of five stacks.Arreat's law The Weapon Throw as well as Ancient Spear are capable of dealing 150-200% greater damage. Weapon Throw is able to generate up to 25-50 additional Fury according to how far away the enemy's impact. The generated Fury can exceed the cap of 200 Fury.Ancient Spear will refund up to 25 50 Fury depending on the range of the attack and resets your Fury cap to your base maximum.

The Three Hundredth Spear: Increase the damage of Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear by 150-200%. The speed of attack of Weapon Throw increases by 200%.Skular's Salvation: Increase the damage of Ancient Spear by 150-200%. If you're Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss targets 5 or less enemies and the damage is increased in 100%.CrusaderThorns invoking the player: Hi guys, are you a fan of the D2R Items too? you can visit p2pah.

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