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This wasn't the purpose of the video

This is not cool and then you can get options of a black Drake of range of a Twilight Drake This is from taking advantage of 10 free drinks. 10 free drinks which gives an black Drake and 25 free drinks will give an opportunity to win Twilight Drake. Twilight Drake as well as achievements and stuff. That's all. I believe they're all interesting things you'll be looking ahead to in the first phase. Also, I'm sure it wasn't like super in depth on who should be using what or anything like that.

This wasn't the purpose of the video. It was just a highlight some of the important things that have been added Please like and subscribe and look out for restful XP in the pinned comment along with a brief description. Then, roll the outro there's lots of ways you can support the channel so that I can stay here putting out what a Warcraft content is and also covering new MMOs you might want to consider to join the channel.

As a member you get access to emotes everyone can recognize you by when you make comments on future videos as you'll be able to see an attractive icon beside your name. In addition, you'll get access to exclusive videos for members which I'll be putting many of them videos on my channel over the course of the season. Also, there's a Patreon link in the description too. Thank you for your patience to the end and I'll look forward to the next one.

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