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The World of Warcraft universe is vast

For more opinions from a critic on World of Warcraft , check out P2Pah's review roundup from the documentary here.

It was recently reported that, even though this World of Warcraft movie will eventually lose money but a sequel could be in the works. However, as in July 17 the producer Duncan Jones hasn't heard from the powers that be whether the director will actually get a opportunity to produce a second entry in the series.

Asked on Twitter if there will be any more World of Warcraft films, Jones responded, "Not up to me but my friend. I'd love to see it happen however I am not certain."

Jones has talked about ideas for sequels, and it is true that the World of Warcraft universe is vast and seems to be full of for storytelling possibilities. But like the 40-minute-longer extended version, the likelihood that Jones will be able to create additional films will be contingent on its success in the first film.

An anonymous source speaking to The Hollywood Reporter recently said there is a plan in motion for a sequel, however the source acknowledged that it will require an enlargement of the budget in order to be successful.

The $430 million World of Warcraft has earned worldwide, a whopping 90 percent came from outside of its home country of United States. The movie grossed nearly $221 million--more than half of the total gross--in China alone, and the US only made $46.6 million of the revenue.

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