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I'm trying to find an approach to this without blaming Activision

I think in retrospect, we've taken a good assessment of ourselves, following BlizzCon looking at the fan reaction. It's the job of trying to get to the bottom of that reaction.We didn't accomplish a great job of persuading our core fans that we're not letting PC go to consoles and mobiles. This part of the message was not communicated in a manner that I believe, if could return, we'd choose to do.

It's not hard to understand the fan reaction of "I'm a Blizzard enthusiast. Blizzard, just keep making PC games like you've always done. Like I like. It makes me feel happy."However, when you think about the world, and you think about games, it's hard to imagine how anyone who is a huge PC Blizzard fan today hasn't played with console platforms or mobile platforms in their career, or in their personal life, rather.

There are mobile games that are impressive, but some mobile games are just awful, just like every other platform. We do think there is an opportunity for players to play and enjoy games that are at a very high quality level, that we really like which we believe in, in the Blizzard IP. This is the lens used for World of Warcraft .

If you're a PC player there's many mobile games that don't have a stellar reputation. We've played these games and played these games. We've played online games that we consider to be unjust in terms of earning money, but that aren't the most enjoyable experiences we could imagine, and certainly nothing is wrong with that, but it's a challenge for people to understand why Blizzard isn't Blizzard on this platform.

However, if we didn't think that we could make amazing games for a mobile platform, we wouldn't even consider it. Mobile game titles have been on the market for a while, and World of Warcraft is the only one we've done so far. The thing that has taken time is working out how to figure out the Blizzard method of creating an awesome mobile game.

Have there been discussions that say"let's try mobile, but let's come with something that doesn't come with all the baggage that comes with an existing IP and all these individuals who have already invested in the technology.Yeah, we have talked about this. We've also discussed, "How do we think of new IP on new platforms?"

One of the aspects we communicate with all of our IP is that each one of them has been designed and designed in order to allow for a lot more, not only various platforms, but different types of games, and different types of games.Let me provide you with an example. If you consider World of Warcraft , which is our most well-known IP that has been around for a long time, it has played huge, massive MMO and has also supported real-time strategy games, and also allowed a collectible card game.

They are two very different kinds of games that come out of the same IP. In fact, we think that there is an abundance of opportunities for having games, different types of games, in our existing IP. However, I'm of the opinion that you do take on an element of player perception and expectations of players whenever you're talking about developing a brand new game for the platform of a different type, certain.

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