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More the top 50 Madden NFL 23 free agents for 2012 Arrowhead Pride Bucs Nation

There's a rumor that he's looking around $11M, which might scare teams -- especially those without enough liquidity. But I believe Wagner is worth it. Someone will be able to grab a steal.I'm a huge fan of playmakers. I don't know if there's more pure defensive playmaker available in the free market than Mathieu. Mathieu was a free agent after the Chiefs are forced to permit him to go due to cap constraints which means that someone will to get a difference-maker. He's not able to play every-down, but that doesn't matter.

No. 4. Odell Beckham Jr., WR

OBJ is still weighing his options and no one is expected to choose him if they don't intend to for an obscene amount of money. I'm still convinced that when the dust settles , he'll come back to the Rams However, that's much more uncertain now that Los Angeles signed Allen Robinson.

Indianapolis is a chance here, as is a team like the Chiefs especially after they traded away Tyreek Hill.A reliable, solid defensive tackle with an Pro Bowl pedigree? I don't care that it's been 32 years since this moment. He's likely to have an injury-shortened 2021 as a large reason why he hasn't been signed yet however, when he was in the field, Hicks was as reliable as ever.

No. 6: Jadeveon Clowney, DE

Clowney is a great rotational pass rusher at this stage during his professional career. The worst part is that he failed to live up to his lofty billing from his time in college. I think that stigma follows him around. If you know what you can look for, then you'll receive a nice third down pass rusher who an come on the field to cause perturbation.Brown is old, nobody will get it wrong, but he's also a mega reliable player who's perfect on a team as strong as Indianapolis. The Colts need a big presence on the offensive line and some leadership.

No. 8. Rob Gronkowski, TE

I'm sure he'll hang up the phone, instead of waiting until conclusion of camp to join the Buccaneers. Gronk isn't smart enough to do any sort of practice, so I'm betting he'll have a party most of the summerand then stroll in and finish by racking up 500 yards as well as 6-10 touchdowns. It's his M.O. at this point.

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