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I believe there are always characters

You know, I think we're lucky to be able to enjoy four IPs, which include WarCraft, StarCraft, Diablo and Diablo. There's also Heroes which is a sort of of an amalgamation of all of the different borrowings of pieces that comprise the IPs.

This is quite powerful. I'm thinking of going back to a prior question where I discussed IPs and how they can be used by several of them to provide different kinds of gaming This is something we're always looking for.

Personally, I believe there are always characters and great stories and plenty of games and plenty of game experiences we could create with current IPs. There is plenty of space and space to do that. But I also think in the same way, you should think about something new too.

And so both are important. Fans would like to see greater StarCraft games. While I'm a fan, also want more StarCraft games. Fans want additional Diablo games. I'm a fan, I also want more Diablo games. Fans want new IP I'm one of them.

The things we contemplate in terms of "What IP we should use and how should we think about it?" the team holds a lot of decision-making power on that. But also we have to think through what games and what IPs the teams are most happy about. What IP can be used for various types of games.

I like the fact that we have these IPs that contain these stories, time spans as well as any game-related story that are with them--I consider that an asset. I don't consider that as a threat. I think the ability and the drive to create new things is equally important, and we've demonstrated that it's possible by launching Diablo and we'll be proving that in the next game. Hi guys, are you a fan of the D2R Items too? you can visit p2pah.

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