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FIFA 23 has arrived and players are getting stuck

In addition, exhibition modes are also on the table. If there are no online friendly games, players can access every team, including custom tournaments.

FIFA 23 has arrived and players are getting stuck into Ultimate Team now, with the first FUT Champions Weekend League of the season having been and gone.We are all in agreement it's the best thing FIFA players like more than free packs or player items from FUT 23.

Pre-ordered players of the game will be entitled to certain benefits in Ultimate Team, including a free Ones to Watch (OTW) player pack.However the issue can be described as another EA error, the Ones to Watch pre-order pack seems to have been distributing Gold items instead.

At such an early stage in the game's cycle, Ones to Watch items can offer a substantial boost to the player's team.It is unjust that certain players aren't being given the OTW items they had been promised when they pre-ordered for the Ultimate Edition of the game.

EA has since acknowledged that the Ones to Watch pack that was pre-ordered error and has stated that they have confirmed this on their FIFA Direct Communication official FIFA Direct Communication Twitter page:

We're hoping for EA to assist affected players by redistributing Ones to Watch pre-order packs which were not working in the first place, giving you the opportunity to claim the actual OTW card.EA will most likely let affected users keep the Gold items they purchased as part of the Ones to Watch pre-order packs.

It's a good idea to well go and open to your Ones to Watch pack now and hope that you find some great gold items with the confidence that EA will offer you a free OTW player pack if your pack is not working properly. If you want to enjoy cheaper and more comprehensive FIFA 23 Coins purchase service, please visit mmoexp.

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