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The Old School RuneScape group promised the possibility

The cost of making burial armor relies upon on numerous factors. If you're the usage of Iron Grade I, or Iron Grade I or higher, then you'll be able to get an affordable price for the material however, the process can be slow. The gold in accordance with burial armor you get could be the lowest. However, if you're using precious metals with a better quality, you'll be able to get the exp faster.

As a result of the changes to and eventually the closing of the Duel Arena, the Old School RuneScape group promised the possibility of a replacement. It is now clear that a complete alternative has been identified: The PvP Arena. The new choice has numerous variations that are intended to give an even and more balanced player experience and to reduce the scams that had emerge as all very commonplace.

The Duel Arena was shut down (and destroyed!) for the start of the brand-new year following a few modifications that were made in the month of November. The range of scams and RMT spammers started to develop an established characteristic of trade. The changes been envisioned as a bridge to a whole alternative. The substitute is designed to be more stable, but yet, it's designed to let players to engage in duels (and rewards) that are based on proper competition.

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