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It's like a signal for people to get and attack you

It's like a signal for people to get and attack you. There's also a bounty on your head , as the person who takes the shards and turn them in to earn huge rewards. That's why the notion is that if your strength is really great, more people are going to be aware of you and will be able hunt your down.

You talked a little about the endgame , and the other game modes you demonstrated and also mentioned that it's the start to a brand new game for Diablo 4. Could you explain what this means? It is obvious that people are familiar with endgames. However, it felt like you wanted to do more with it , rather than playing the game for hours.

Fergusson: Yeah. Not necessarily everybody understands the concept of an "endgame. They're probably familiar with different games with the idea of the beginning of a new game is more exciting but the idea of an endgame really concerns what happens when the story ends. Are there any games there to play? We're quite proud of at Diablo 4.

D3. at the time it was released 10 years ago didn't have an endgame. When you completed the story, you're done there. There wasn't a reason to keep playing and grow stronger and through new experiences. In D4. we've actually spent a lot of energy to have a final game from the start.

Shely: I think what you said is really important. We know that it's fun building your character, and discover all these powerful designs. It's crucial to have content to challenge yourself against. Therefore, we've worked hard to make sure that we have a variety of tasks. And as Rod mentioned earlier, the gameis a challenge, and when you're done with the campaign it could be that you're at level 45 or even higher.Hi guys, are you a fan of the D2R Items too? you can visit p2pah.

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