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One of the islands found in Lost Ark Giant Mushroom Island is one

Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed on Giant Mushroom Island

One of the islands found in Lost Ark, Giant Mushroom Island is one that brings players back to good old days of Tortoyk as it will shrink you down to Mokoko-size to allow you to enter. Aside from a brief quest line, the main activity you're able to do this island is to cut down huge mushrooms, making it a great place to level up your skills in the logging trade.

That said, there are also four Mokoko seeds found on the island, and even though it is necessary to reduce your size to a point that perceives dandelions as large, the seeds don't appear to be any larger. This could be for the sake of protecting them from being discovered.

How to enter the Giant Mushroom Island

In order to enter the area with Mokoko Seeds, Mokoko Seeds (and all the giant, loggable mushroom trees) All you have to be able to do is complete the initial quest chain. The reward is the red Cashew Juice which will shrink your size. If you'd like for a return into the area and you're out of the juice, speak to Pasusu to buy more the price of ten silver for a bottle.

Mokoko Seed One

The first Mokoko Seed is in the southernmost region of the island. It is hidden under a clump of huge mushrooms. The Mokoko Seed can only be seen from a certain point since the mushrooms block it out from many angles.

Mokoko Seed Two

The northern part of the island splits into three paths. The third Mokoko Seed is found on the easternmost of them. It is largely obscured by a small cluster of flora that blends in extremely well with the other plants that surround it, so keep your eye at the right place for this one! In all likelihood, you really have to be in close proximity to it to provide you with the chance of interacting with it without you even having to look at it.

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