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2K have to offer is restarting the game

This is the phone you use in game and not your real-life phone. Also, you can change your apartment type by changing the settings. Then try watching it again. There are many more activities you can try to complete, such as run an exercise with your team or engage in some side-activities, then watch the rant again.

As for the "official" solution what 2K have to offer is restarting the game, and/or or clearing your cache. This is definitely worth considering if all other options fail. However, it's still the biggest annoyance in a number of these issues that players have had to face up to now.

Of course, the only real The Drama Trade Rumors bug fix for NBA 2K22 can come from the game's developers. However, as per the automated responses some players have received, 2K and Visual Concepts are well aware of the issue and are likely working on the solution.

So, we can only pray that this issue is likely to disappear forever in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to check out the other guides to NBA 2K22 most of which address other bugs and glitches. For instance, to name a few our articles, we've written them like Elevator not working bug fix Unable To Connect to Server, the Tattoos aren't showing up bug fix, as well as 6f8ce31b & 727e66ac Error Code Fix.

NBA 2K22 was released only a few days ago and along with it been a flurry of players pondering how to change their 2K22 affiliation. The affiliations can be extremely important to certain players, and with four of them it's possible to get into a position you don't want to be. It is, however, extremely simple and should take players no time at all for them to change to a new club.

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