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We know the topic of Aim Assist is important

We have strongly increased the pressure on the Crown bearer in term of Hack cooldowns penalty and increased the victory timer. We are planning more improvements in the future to make sure the Crown does not get too easy to win while staying fun for all players.

The role of Aim Assist is to help provide a good experience to all players, not to make a specific controller type superior to another. Our data showed that on PC the weapon efficiency of Controller was a bit higher than Keyboard & Mouse, so its level of Aim Assist has been reduced. This is for PC controller only.

We know the topic of Aim Assist is important to many players and can be polarizing; we have always kept an eye on this mechanic and will continue to heavily monitor it in the future to insure the game stays fun for all our community.

The slider setting will also allow players to reduce the level of Aim Assist to the level they like instead of simply being able to turn it off.

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