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It's still better than Ursine's Strength because

If you're doing a pure werewolf build, then sure, Lupine's Ferocity is incredibly useful. In fact, it's arguably the best Key Passive that a werewolf-build druid can take in Diablo 4 because, with every sixth strike you make as a werewolf, you're guaranteed a critical hit with 60 percent increased damage.

It's still better than Ursine's Strength because the sixth attack will come sooner than you think. The Lupine's Ferocity Key Passive is exceptionally noticeable when you're going up against dungeon bosses and world bosses, and you're likely moving around so much and hacking away at enemies so quickly that you don't need the increased health that being a tank demands.

The Nature's Fury Key Passive gives you a 20 percent chance to trigger a free storm skill when using earth skills and a 20 percent chance to trigger a free earth skill when using storm skills. Although you might think that 20 percent is pretty low and thus not worth it with how often you end up in combat in situations where you're just endlessly attacking in Diablo 4, you'll notice the effects of Nature's Fury more often than not.

Even if you aren't opting for a nature magic-oriented build, you still have a chance to run across a legendary item with an aspect that will tag Werewolf abilities as storm skills and Werebear abilities as earth skills, allowing you to utilize this Key Passive instead of the ones oriented toward the shifting skills.

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