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His ability to eliminate pockets and block out blocks

Barnett made a name for himself in the SEC in his three seasons with the conference, collecting 52 loss-taking tackles, one less than Leonard Little's mark from the school, and 33 sacks, surpassing the great ReggieWhite's Volunteer record by one. His combination of agility and speed on the edges made Barnett the enemy of every offensive lineman he played against.

What is the kind of talent Barnett contribute for the Eagles?

His ability to eliminate pockets and block out blocks doesn't just increase his own stats and improve his overall performance, it also provides simple TFLs and TFLs for teammates. Even with Barnett's 19-point team-high, Tennessee still scored 81 tackles for loss in the 2016 season.

His speed and strength around the edge of the field are what made him an Volunteer record-breaker as well as one of the most explosive prospects leading up to this year's draft. Barnett is a rogue off his line in the kind of first step that gives offensive tackles the jitters. The majority his most memorable plays begin with Barnett leaning towards and driving right past his blocker by collapsing the pocket on the quarterback's blind side and causing chaos at the line of scrimmage.

Barnett is also quick enough laterally to bring down ball carriers in space, often due to his ability to spot screen plays, and then disrupt blockers. Barnett's athleticism at 6'3 and 259 pounds allows him to be versatile as he is able to play in coverage when the need arises. Although he was a 4-3 defensive lineman in college but with some polish, he could also transition as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 configuration.

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