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FIFA 23 has become more authentic than ever before however

However, FIFA 23 still has the ability to be irritating. Goalkeepers often collapse in heaps instead of trying to make a save and there are few situations more frustrating than matched with some dweeb on Seasons who is more interested in performing numerous complicated steps and tricks than playing football.

Matchmaking appears to have been improved. When you play as clubs outside the European elite, it's not as easy to get drawn to your PSGs or the Real Madrids as often. But the occasional Ronaldo perve can still show up in the form of Manchester United. Maybe this speaks more to how the Red Devils' fall from the top more than anything else.

Ultimate Team - FIFA's playable game of fantasy football and the virtual version of the European Super League - now lets you build a team of superstars thanks to a more lenient approach to how its team chemistry process works. Players who play in the same league country do not need for them to be near each other in your chosen formation to increase your chemistry score as well as they don't stop playing football even if they don't have any of their teammates.

Many will be happy with the added flexibility it gives players buyers in an auction for players but it's almost like a huge part of what made building an exciting and challenging team has been removed. Whatever the case, FUT is still largely an online game that is a reflection of the most shady aspects of modern football. Oh, and the interface is about as welcoming as a Rangers pub to someone wearing the Celtic scarf.

Career mode has had an overhaul in appearance to make it more in line with the other modes However, it's played identical to the previous. If you are the player, there are RPG-style points you can earn depending on how you behave on and off the pitch in addition to the ability to play as coaches and real players instead of making your own from scratch.

What makes less sense is career mode's constant efforts for you to play fewer football. EA had already added several training components which just felt like admin However, you now can choose to watch the highlights of games, rather than the full 90 mins. When it comes to football it's somewhat confusing.

FIFA may not be the most appropriate game to showcase the capabilities of your console, however there are some interesting updates to 23 that will help you increase your sensation of realism slightly more whether it's the way that goal nets make waves or the way sliding tackles can cause the pitch to cut into pieces over 90 minutes.

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