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Diablo 2 doesn't have an endgame

You'll find a variety of items in your game but some of it may not be necessarily worth picking up. While you are able to sell items to the town, constantly returning to town can become boring and can cost you a tiny amount in the form of the Scroll of Town Portal. Therefore, the time you spend in town is better spent simply grabbing more valuable items.

Those that are specific to an individual class, such as sacred globes or scepters, barbarian armors, scepters, and so on--are a good bet, as are amulets or rings and also items that offer an incentive to a class's skills. You should focus on finding these instead of bolts, or other objects that require a lot of space. This will increase your earnings and minimize the amount of trips back to the town you have to take.

Diablo 2 doesn't have an endgame like you'd expect from an older game, and eventually you'll likely spend a lot of time on boss runs, wherein you'll often take on a boss to earn better items. Even before the point where you can discover that you're not as strong, so you'll want to grind out XP (and hope to earn useful items) by rerunning certain sections within the game. Tristram and the Countess Act 1's catacombs, Act 2's tombs and the Act 3's Council and so on are fertile ground to earn XP more frequently than usual. Be prepared to work your way through these several times.

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