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What we do know about the hardware for mmoexp FIFA 23

Moving to PS4, NBA 2K23 was one of the games that was downloaded the most during the month for the US and Canada and Canada, while FIFA 23 took the top position in Europe. Regarding PSVR titles, Beat Saber was the top. first game in both North America and Europe, with Job Simulator and Superhot VR ranking second and third in both regions.

For free-to-play games covering PS5 and PS4 combined, Fortnite was the most-downloaded game in the US and Canada in addition to Rumbleverse was the most downloaded free-to play game in Europe.

Check out the top-downloaded PSN games for September below in the form that was put together by Sony and shared via the PlayStation Blog.In another piece of PlayStation news Sony's God of War Ragnarok has now officially gone gold, since PlayStation has confirmed the fact that it was created by nine different studios.

Sony has big plans for its next generation of hardware for virtual reality in that it hopes to have 2 million units of the PSVR 2 headset ready by the end of March of next year.

Mass production of the virtual reality headset has reportedly begun in September (via Bloomberg) and has not yet faced any problems with the supply chain. With the PS5 continuing to be extremely popular due to its lack of availability since it launched in November of 2020, Sony also plans to offer more consoles on shelves in the first quarter of 2023 according to Bloomberg's sources.

PSVR 2 has yet receive a release date that extends beyond 2023, but Sony is attempting to ensure that there's adequate stock of PS5 consoles for gamers to play games on the new headset. The hardware is only compatible with PS5 and will not be compatible with backwards-compatible PSVR games.

What we do know about the hardware is that it comes with impressive specs. Similar to it's predecessor the PS5 as well as its DualSense controller Sony included haptic feedback as well as adaptive triggers, eye-tracking, inside-out tracking as well as 3D sound into its kit which hasn't yet received a final retail price.

"PSVR 2 appears to be a shot in the arm for it in the gaming market," Tamoor Hussain wrote in GameSpot's PSVR 2 preview. "It must be observed if PSVR 2 will generate a lot of attention, but at the most basic level, I'm convinced that it'll bring us one step closer towards achieving its full potential."

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« What we do know about the hardware for mmoexp FIFA 23What we do know about the hardware for mmoexp FIFA 23 »

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