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It's easy to understand how fans react

It's easy to understand how fans react to the statement "I'm an avid Blizzard fan!. Blizzard, just keep making PC games like you've always done. Like I like. This will make me happy."

However, if you think about the world, and contemplate games, it's hard to imagine how anyone who is a core PC Blizzard lover today isn't experimenting with consoles, or mobile platforms in their work or in their personal life or even.

Some mobile games are extremely good, and certain mobile games are crappy, just like every other gaming platform. However, we believe there's an opportunity for players to play and enjoy the games at a very high quality level, that we really like which we believe in, and in the Blizzard IP. This is the lens used for Diablo Immortal.

If you're a PC gamer it is not any mobile games that do not have a good name. We've played these games and we've played them. We've played some games that we consider to be predatory in the sense of monetization, that are not the most enjoyable experiences we could imagine, and nothing wrong in this, but it's difficult for people to appreciate the way Blizzard remains Blizzard on that platform.

However, if we didn't believe we could create fantastic games using a mobile platform, we wouldn't do it. Mobile games have been on the market for a while, however Hearthstone has been the sole one that we've done to date. What has made it take time is working out how we were going to come up with the Blizzard method of making an outstanding mobile game.

Have there been discussions that say"Oh, let's make it mobile, but let's come with a new IP that doesn't come with all the baggage of an IP that is already in use, and all the people who have already invested in it.Yeah We've talked about it. We've been discussing "How do we envision new IP on different platforms?" Hi guys, are you a fan of the D2R Items too? you can visit p2pah.

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