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Set pieces have long become dull in FIFA

To find the list of newly added options, we'll simply refer to the official EA FIFA 23 site. When we're grading FIFA 23, we'll use a simple 1-5 ranking with 5 being "great improvement" and 1 being "why did EA even bother adding this feature?" If you'd like to read my complete review regarding FIFA 23, you can find it here.

Today's first topic is the highly anticipated new Power Shot. This shot type relies heavily on the skill of the shooter by incorporating risks and rewards that let shoot powerful shots at your opponent's goal.How you can perform power shots: LB/L1 plus + Shoot using a hand-held aiming device

When to use Power Shots Due to it taking quite some time to unfold Power shots should only be used when you have enough time and space the command. In general, any power shot shot taken within the 18-yard mark will be stopped if the direction isn't clear enough as the trajectory tends to be more flat compared to finesse shots.

Kudos for EA for introducing the new shooting feature, especially one that incorporates manual aiming. It's also a good thing you can switch off the corny zoom-in that appears when the power shot is triggered. Overall, it's a nice addition to shooting.

Set pieces have long become dull in FIFA through the years. While free kicks remain uncommon for me If you do manage to get one, they're far more exciting. Furthermore penalties have been made less complicated for the better. Furthermore, corners haven't been able to copy the same mechanics as set pieces but also have a more appealing camera view. If you want to enjoy cheaper and more comprehensive FIFA 23 Coins purchase service, please visit mmoexp./Fut-23/Coins.html

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