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I managed to build through regular games

Missions are executed on a massive world map, each region with five battles inside. When you win all five battles within one region unlocks another region until finally all of the map has been defeated. Each victory will also award you the Skull that acts as a running count of the missions you've completed in your journey. As the number of points increases it will be possible to play more games. are made available, such as single-shot Quests that let you pick one of the units to be powered up and fight for a prize, and if you prevail, the unit will receive an additional boost. Skulls are also able to unlock PvP missions that let you battle other players, as well as full-on raids that allow multiple players to join forces to fight the most powerful and toughest opponents on the battlefield.

The whole thing can be accomplished without having to pay one cent of real world money. The option to spend cash on new units is readily available, but WAR does not seem to care whether you choose to or not. The army I managed to build through regular games and the in-game currency was able to get me through most of my missions on my first attempt regardless of whether there were some crucial and didn't get decided until the very last second. Although you can purchase units, this is an attempt to add different options to your army than a way to win. the units you purchase aren't radically superior to those already in your army, or the ones that you earn using game currency.

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