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On the other hand the things EA have highlighted prior to release

One of the most visible additions to your arsenal to attack but, it's the power shot, which does exactly what it says on the tin. When you hold both shoulder buttons when you shoot and the player in possession will unleash an impressive shot that looks like it's going to knock someone's head off.

If you're one-on one with the 'keeper you will increase the chance of scoring, however aiming changes to fully manual as you're in the middle and it is easy to pull them out to throw them in if you do it wrong.

They also take longer take off than normal shots, giving defenders time to make a block as the camera zooms in a little to warn your opponent about what you're up to, meaning that they're far from being able to score.

Set pieces require an understanding of the basics of the physics of the game, offering full control over exactly where the striker will hit the ball. It's easier to grasp corners than free-kicks. In free-kicks you need to be more precise in order to succeed, but it is much more logical as opposed to the odd stick-flicking mechanism used in FIFA 22. Penalties have also been revised by introducing a new time-based system that places more pressure on the taker in a way that is perhaps how this should go.

On the other hand the things EA have highlighted prior to release, such as deflections and collision physics look and feel the same as last year. While the weight of the players has increased for the better but players are still crashing into each other , and can result in unrealistic collisions, especially when considering the habit of keeping your fingers lingering on that sprinting button.

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