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Due to the positive reviews and the game's

Due to the positive reviews and the game's free to play as well as its availability both on mobile and PC platforms, Diablo D2R Ladder is rapidly becoming a hit and that means more players than ever before are heading to the realm of Sanctuary.

Before players start their journey they'll need to start their journey in the village of fishermen in Wortham, D2R Ladder's starting base and also a town that's being attacked by undead beasts.

Located just to the west in the direction of New Tristram, in the kingdom of Khanduras, Wortham used to be a bustling fishing village.

Many of Wortham's inhabitants were fishermen, who were employed in trawling the waters that surround the town. Some other were ferrymen who earned their living by ferrying people between Wortham as well as New Tristram via the Traders Road.

The people of Wortham were far from rich But they were most content with what they had however they were aware that it could be much worse. Around 1270 Wortham was attacked by a group of cultists.

The fight resulted in buildings were destroyed, as well as some residents were abducted before being turned into undead creatures through the cultists. With the town threatened by the creatures, Wortham's Mayor made a call for help, but before any aid was received the mayor was shot dead. Hi guys, are you a fan of the D2R Items too? you can visit p2pah.

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