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The motion comic features the story of Prince Llane

St-Michel: They're similar to the natural progression of Garrisons, except we've spent a ton of work to make them incredibly powerful and integrated into the gameplay. Class Order Halls in a way bringing it all back to the world of when the Horde and Alliance face off against the biggest threat ever known, the Burning Legion. All the classes just decide to join together. You gather these personal heroes we are familiar with from the legends and take them under your wing to assist you in removing the threat.

Nervig: We certainly learned much from Garrisons. In the beginning of the couple of months in Warlords of Draenor Garrisons looked amazing. However, as many would attest, it got pretty miserable sitting around with your Garrison for long periods of time. In the Class Order Halls, they are not as solitary. The things you do there are a part of the activities outside of the Order Hall, and they send you off to do other things.

Nervig: Correct. In reality, Pandaren and Demon Hunters are able to communicate cross-faction in the present. As Demon Hunters metamorphosize, they communicate Demonic. Thus, two metamorphosed Demon Hunters can talk to one another. It was just an incidental case where we were like, "Yeah, okay, it's logical." And Pandaren have always been an oddity. They're neutral, and when they pick Horde or Alliance, they forget the other? Then we thought, "Fine, we're letting the line blur. Let Pandaren all speak Pandaren."

Metamorphose Demon Hunters will be able to communicate with each other, regardless of Horde/Alliance allegiances

From what we've witnessed so far, Demon Hunters seem way much more mobile than any other class. What was it like trying to establish those mechanisms?

Barriga The game we created wasn't designed with any sort of movement system that relies on player input It's very prudent in that regard. Our engineers needed to look at our game and how the engine was working to do the things that action games perform: double jumps, glides, and other forms of almost twitch-based gameplay. We were not even sure if it would perform. It was at this point that one engineer said "Well I've had everything you wanted, but not the ability for you to pivot mid-double jump." I was like, "Okay, well, we're not going to get them all." After that, I tried it out and I thought, "What are you talking about? It actually worked." It was almost miraculous that we got it all inside the lab.

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