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The players who are enjoying D2R Ladder's

The players who are enjoying D2R Ladder's final stages shouldn't take this list as an excuse to stop playing. In fact, these are suggestions to enhance the game and make it more fun than it currently is. For those who don't enjoy the experience making sure to address the issues mentioned above can bring them back.

If gamers dislike anything they hate, it's artificial caps. Check out how Anthem players reacted to these superficial means that pushed them to play longer hours of gaming to make up for the lack of content. Sadly, D2R Ladder has attempted to do something similar for its final game.

Paragon leveling, after an initial point was soft-capped. Modifying the difficulty so that you can take on the toughest challenges is not enough to fight this decrease in experience. It's a shallow approach to encourage players to perform the same boring content for longer periods of time.

In the initial weekly raid boss, gamers had issues with rock not spawning behind during the attack that instantly killed the players not behind the rocks. Due to exploits or certain abilities, or players that increased their level quickly, some players still carried a group through this triumph.

That is a very poor impression for the initial raid boss of the game. Yes, they need to have a number of mechanics to keep the battle interesting enough to come back to. But they need to be sound and polished. There is no way anyone will come back to a battle that isn't a success on a weekly basis, it's insulting. Hi guys, are you a fan of the D2R Items too? you can visit p2pah.

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