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As we've been developing Legion by P2Pah WoTLK

MD: One of the biggest ideas that the patch has is back to the Broken Shore and reclaim the Broken Shore. It's where the Legion expansion really began. The way to start the Legion was you went towards the Broken Shore, you fought Gul'dan and all of these huge bad guys, and suffered major losses. We lost Tirion, we lost Vol'Jin and then we lost Varian; huge losses and we had to retreat. So this patch is all focused on the next chapter of that story and propelling it forward.

An interesting aspect, also in this patch is The Class Orders. The Class Orders form a huge part of "Why we'll be successful where we failed." That's the point. A many times when we use those Class Orders, we do revisit those other places. As part of the Monk class order with this patch, you're going to revisit Stormstout Brewery. They are fantastic opportunities to spread players out and remind them of the size and how alive this world is and you will see the development towards "Oh I see that, and the Legion has actually spread their tendrils out."

RS: It's more focused on the players who are going out of their way into these other parts of Azeroth rather than having players constantly spread out. It's to enhance the player experience , more than anything.

Have you thought of providing players from different classes the ability to, at a minimum, visit these Order Halls for the various Classes? It's not necessary to be part of them, but at least experience the stuff in-game, for Halls other than their main Class (particularly for less experienced players such as me).

The RS: When the story is appropriate it's okay. We've allowed it several times Death Knights in the Paladin Order Hall I'd say "visited" in a loose manner. It was much more aggressive that a visit [laughs"visited. To me, coming as a player, I'm kind of playing more than as a developer here which is the fun of them. one of the things that draws me to the Order Halls, is that there is something out in the world that's not mine. Because it's a special Class, and I've even been able to meet characters externally and internally of different Classes, just to see them.

As we've been developing Legion we've also been trying to enhance alt play. Thus, we've developed Artifact catch-up mechanics, reworking on the Legendary system, allowing account achievement levels for things such as The Suramar Dungeons, and so even if you unlock them for one character, it's possible to achieve them on different characters. After you have completed pathfinder part two and can fly, all characters on your account can fly. So, we're working to help ease the entry process to make it more accessible for Alts. You'll be able to be able to enter the Order Halls obviously in the event that you've created an Alt.

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