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It's not always clear to everyone the idea

In your presentation, you've talked about the endgame and the other game modes you demonstrated and then you talked about how it's the start for a new kind of game called Diablo 4. Do you have a discussion on what that means? Obviously people are familiar with endgames. However, it felt like you were trying to do something more with it than just play this game endlessly.

Fergusson: Yeah. It's not always clear to everyone the idea of an endgame. They're probably familiar with different games with the idea of begin over as stronger However, that notion of endgame is really about what happens after the story is over. Is there a game available to play? We're very proud of in Diablo 4.

D3. at the time it was released in the year 2000, it didn't have an endgame. Once you had completed the story, you're finished. There wasn't a reason to play on and become more powerful and further with your experience. D4. we've put a lot of effort into having an end game right from the beginning.

Shely The way you phrased it, I think the thing you've said is crucial. We all know how much fun it is to develop your character and discover all these powerful builds. We believe that it's vital to have material for you to compete against. We've tried hard to diversify the types of things to do. And as Rod mentioned, in the gameitself, once you finish the campaign, you may be at the level of 45 or more.

Your character's level increases to a hundred Paragon points. And you get access to whispers, access to Nightmare dungeons, and other ending game things that we're currently working on. We want you to be able to choose from a variety of activities to choose from. You've gained world tiers permitting you to climb the keep.

It is important to ensure that the difficulty of the world stays on pace with the power of your character level. And to unlock those it is necessary to demonstrate that you can complete the dungeon in order to gain access to that more challenging content. So it goes back to the idea of creating the build, then that is powerful, trying it out against a challenge Hi guys, are you a fan of the D2R Items too? you can visit p2pah.

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