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FIFA 23 is out worldwide and EA Sports are continuing

Despite constant pressure from regulators, microtransactions with pay-to-win areunfortunately being a major issue within FIFA 23. Loot boxes can be found in the shape of player-filled pack of cards in FIFA's highly-rated Ultimate Team mode. You can purchase FIFA Points with bundles, beginning with PS0.79 for 100 FIFA Points and increasing to an incredible PS79.99 which is 12,000 FIFA Points. A Premium Gold pack costs 150 FIFA Points, and includes 12 gold-rated players , or consumables that can be used within the game or sold through marketplaces for transfer.

For the company's policy, EA told Eurogamer that FUT's lockerboxes "are an integral part the game of FIFA that players like," and that "giving players the freedom to spend when they wish to is fair." The company doesn't have plans to change its approach towards "surprise mechanics" unless there are laws that require it to. This doesn't make it any better but it's worth mentioning that in light laws, players can be able to set weekly restrictions on FIFA points spent and pack open within Ultimate Team, and see the likelihood of getting a highly rated player before opening packs. FIFA 23 also has Preview Packs with a time limit where you can look at what's in a pack prior to you decide to purchase it. However, it currently only applies to a single pack that updates once every day.

FIFA 23 is a bombastic final game of the series (under its current name, at least) with a definite emphasis on theatricality. FUT Moments action replays, as well as game-changing gameplay tweaks that are viral like Power Shots make it a better-thought-out, memorable sport of football simulation, featuring intentional defense, as well as plenty of drama and goals. However, EA's Spartan approach to the games that do not generate money means FIFA 23 is a familiar similar to previous versions and Ultimate Team's aggressive focus on microtransactions will continue to take some of the enjoyment of the game.

FIFA 23 is out worldwide and EA Sports are continuing to deliver content for the new game, including the new game's release Marquee Matchups on October 6th 2022.EA Sports updates their pool of Marquee Matchups every Thursday, and this week is the same. It includes Premier League games included, and Liverpool's game against Arsenal in this week's matchups and fixtures from Serie A, the Bundesliga, along with La Liga, although there is there is no Real Madrid and no Barcelona!

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