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The new raids will be the main focus for the update

Square Enix recently issued a similar change to World of WarcraftV's conditions of service. It prohibits players from selling services in the game like duty-free services in addition to cracking down on accounts that offer in-game products or services in exchange for real cash.

World of Warcraft : The Burning Crusade Classic players will soon be able to face the iconic World of Warcraft villain Illidan Stormrage in the most recent update to the game's content adding two new raids in the form of Black Temple and the Battle For Mount Hyjal.

The new raids will be the main focus for the update, however the two final game encounters aren't accessible yet. As detailed by Blizzard the new raids will actually be unlocked on January 27 , alongside those on the Netherwing daily-based quests hub. The Netherwing quests ultimately award one of the game's coolest mounts--the Netherdrake--but the grind to reach exalted reputation isn't easy.

The players will have to be able to complete the required attunement quest lines for each new raid that includes finishing previous raids such Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern. Bosses from previous raids give players additional loot that should make preparing to take on the new quests simpler.

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