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Building solid lines of defense with pressure up top

Pro Clubs is the closest you’ll get to feeling like you’re playing an actual real-life match. With that in mind, it pays dividends to act accordingly. Knowing positionally where to be, when to track back on defense, and conversely, when to bomb forward to support the attack can mean the difference between success and failure. Sure, there will be moments where you’ll “ball-watch” or chase the ball like a toddler, but in general, good awareness and liberally using sprint to conserve your stamina are vital to success in Pro Clubs.

All of those bad habits you learned in drop-in games will need to be forgotten as actual footy knowledge goes a long way even if your stick skills aren’t up to par. While it does help to know a few tricks (R3 is very useful when trying to get out of close quarters with your first touch), don’t be that guy who gets the ball on the wing and proceeds to try every skill through countless defenders like a virtual Neymar. In general, keeping it simple goes a long way and your teammates will really appreciate it as you move the ball in a timely fashion.

Defending is also a huge responsibility in Pro Clubs. As most goals usually come from taking advantage over inferior AI players (both intellectually and as it relates to ratings), defending as a unit and limiting counter-attacking opportunities is the key to success in Pro Clubs. Keeping a man back on set pieces to stop the opposition’s counter helps prevent attacking scenarios that often resemble an NBA fast break with three on two, or two one one scenarios playing out.

Building solid lines of defense with pressure up top from your striker can often frustrate the opposition. Forcing the opposition’s attacks wide also helps as most teams like to build their attacks through the middle trying to walk the ball into the net. Trying to play it out of the back is all the rage in real-life, and while it’s fun to try and replicate that in FIFA, often the best policy is to go vintage Premier League and hoof the ball up the pitch and chase.

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