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The game will be launched on PC on June 2

The game will be launched on PC on June 2. The game also supports multi-player, with mobile as well as PC players able join the servers and group together to play the game's diverse quests, dungeons, and PvP content.

Diablo Immortal was first announced in the year 2018, as a mobile game only, and Blizzard not until recently having the option to bring the game to PC. This was due to Blizzard realized that many of the biggest fans of the series are likely to play Diablo Immortal on PC via emulators. The company decided to offer players a legitimate and polished method of playing it on PC.

As of now, PC, Xbox One, and PS4 are officially announced platforms. With its expected time frame for release, Diablo IV is almost certainly going to launch for PS5 as well as Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Series X. Since there is almost 100% backward compatibility with the new systems and the earlier generations games library, it will be playable on them regardless. We also got Diablo in the Nintendo Switch, though this isn't confirmed for the sequel.

Diablo 4 is taking on deeper, more grounded method of telling its story and it appears that the tone may have been set from what we've observed. This will be the direct sequel to take place decades after the events of Diablo 3.

Diablo expansion Reaper of Souls, but Blizzard has announced that it's paying more attention to the everyday people and their struggles in the ravaged world of Sanctuary and not being a purely supernatural tale of demons.In other words, if you needed to upgrade your skills then you simply changed the equipment you had on hand. However, that's not the case in D4. Of course, gear is essential to your build but it's your talent in deciding what you want to do, and then you take those choices into the game.

The story isn't linear, therefore you can decide on how you'd like to proceed with the story. In a shared worldand you are able to explore rather than doing the story if you want to. You can explore wherever you want within Sanctuary and go do Dungeons, or do other things and fight an international boss, or to local events, so you're in control.

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