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Madden NFL 23 has stated that the union will be involved

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman One of four players who were in a conference call to the media on Tuesday to discuss the players' viewpoint on the current situation, was critical of off the Madden NFL 23 in its lack of professionalism during the negotiations.

"We would like to see this procedure would be jointly bargained, just like every other in our league, and similar to every other one that is made. At the moment, we haven't yet seen this happen so ... we are trying to find out how they're deciding to take decisions without us and it's a source of frustration."

Sherman was then able to critique the league for "poor management" in the implementation of its policy, citing an increasing dissatisfaction by the players over the way in which Madden NFL 23 conducts its general business.

"A often owners will say we are partners in this business. It is true that we are partner. I believe that both sides must have an opinion ... I think that every time it is decided, players should have input on it . The approach in which Madden NFL 23 is creating decisions in the process is not good management and the players will not be able to stand for this ... We expect to be professional in everything we do and operate at an excellent level. And we expect the same from those who run our league."

As per the collective bargaining agreements The league is not legally required to get the Madden NFL 23PA's approval to alter their personal conduct policies. In the past, Madden NFL 23 has stated that the union will be involved in the dialogue and has been pushed from The Madden NFL 23PA, but the degree of involvement is unclear in light of Sherman's recent comments. Roger Goodell has said he is looking to have a new policy approved prior to this year's Super Bowl.

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