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World of Warcraft WOTLK Classic

What is currently known mostly revolves around the concept of cross-faction gameplay as a new phenomenon in the Warcraft franchise. For the first time since 16 years players will have the chance to join former adversaries in playing a host of endgame content, such as World of Warcraft's Arena, Battlegrounds, Raids and Dungeons.

Blizzard will announce that its Group Finding tool, which allows players to form the team of their choice to face any challenge, will have an option to opt-in that will display those who are part of both the Alliance or Horde.

This is a great move for the social side of things as it means that players will no longer need to shell out money for a race change to play with their peers. Another benefit is that players now have the agency to pick the group they feel most comfortable with, without it having an impact on the people they play with.

Although there are some concerns about how simple this feature will be at the start, Blizzard has assured players that the transition will be as smooth as it can be. The only real change being made to the game's structure is the removal of a barrier which was designed to stop Alliance or Horde interactions in World of Warcraft.

It is unclear, however, as to how certain content specific to a particular faction will be changed and what implications this might impact the experience of players, both regarding lore and gameplay.
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