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RuneScape is one of the founding games of the MMORPG genre

Echoes of Yore is the name of the new MMORPG developed by the indie company Gellyberry Studios. This is supposed to have a similarity to classics such as RuneScape as well as Tibia and is played with iso-perspective. The main focus is discovering the crafter, building your own home , and taking risks in dungeons.

What kind of game is this? Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore wants to revive the classics using a new engine. Create a character who isn't tied to a specific class, but is defined by abilities and the equipment. Through this, you can go on a journey through the world of Irumesa.

The focus is on a world with plenty to explore and discover.

Like RuneScape The game will provide many unique and exciting opportunities for character development. But, you are only able to create one character on each server. The crafting and collecting process plays an important role in the game and is one of the reasons that returning to low-level zones is worthwhile in the future. It is also possible to mine materials from the endgame directly beginning at level 1. the likelihood of success in collecting should decrease towards zero.

The more you know and the better the tools you have, the higher the chance of success.Another reason to play in the beginner zones is that you have hidden puzzles or quests to complete. A journal is also available which requires you to locate every type of monster in the open world. There is housing available in the open world, which is visible to all. Guilds must also be able build a home together on larger sites for building.

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