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Madden NFL 23 is threatening to be a victim

Each year, in the process of preparing the latest version in the Mut 23 coins series, players from the Madden NFL team undoubtedly sits in a room with a group of people, exchanging ideas with one another. Marketing will likely be present along with the developers, generating relevant terms such as this year's "FieldSENSE," obnoxious capitalization and all.

FieldSENSE isn't a single aspect. It's more of an modifications to the on-field like improved physical physics, new tackling animations, and notably, an updated passing system. Yet if EA had not marketed these updates with focus-tested names player would be able to tell apart from the fiercely competitive players.

It's not easy from this angle from behind a keyboard to not be able to see which under the hood required hundreds of hours of labor to make. Madden 23 isn't any different though, at this beta stage. The game isn't new. It's not novel. For the country's premier pro sport, it's awfully dull.

EA has tried a variety of strategies over the years to improve passing, including the odd Vision Cone years ago. This year, there's added control over the ball when it's in the air. After the throw using the left trigger and pressing the left stick could pinpoint an incoming ball in front of, behind, shorter, or even deeper over the player. There are even on-field indicators with icons and circles that indicate the position of the throw.

In the course of multiple games during the beta period, the system did not make a huge improvement. The passing method can be seen as a bit too complex. In a rush to get away from opponents, the default is to hold back that left side. This leads to a shorter throw. It's not without logic dropping back under pressure and throwing the ball is likely to result in less power for the arm However, making the adjustments as intended isn't organic. In the event of a catch, the players don't seem too concerned, and they adjust as needed. In the past, in EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour series it was possible to make a shot more secure following the swing. Madden NFL 23's passing feels eerily similar.

Due to the abundance of meters , bars and circles and icons in this generation's Madden is ever more distant from simulation, even as ads play up around the physics engine's higher realism. There's a battle between efforts to create Madden video game-y and a dependency on technology to improve the ball's movement or hit. Madden NFL 23 is threatening to be a victim since even with the brand new graphics and physics, the tackling feels identical to prior seasons.

The current beta status only offers games that are exhibited; EA will add more lateron, and more updates are expected to be released in the coming months. This makes sense in regards to the gameplay and the very poor presentation (the inauthentic, repetitive broadcasting style hasn't caught up to NFL 2K5. and that was 17 years ago) in order to say Madden NFL 23 is yet another nominal jump for a series still playing catch-up since the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launched.

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