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John Madden returns to cover with Madden NFL 23

The yearly releases of sports games are getting old, to be honest. I am a huge fan of sports, and haven't played any sports games for about 6 years, despite having played them for years with Mut 23 coins. The same shit each year really was a pain to me. Idk what it is that some of my friends still play these games. I'm not even into any sport, but how do the annual releases of Madden or any other sports franchise, any different than a brand new season that starts each year for every single sport ?

The sports industry actually requires seasons to determine their schedules for games. The games of sports have 95percent of their codes copied every year. It is not necessary to sell it at $60/$70 each year. Create lower-cost season updates available as DLC and only make an update available for sale when it's an important upgrade.

As someone who been playing since Madden 64 in the year 97 I'm done. It's the very first time I'm not at all interested in the game. Each time I feel like they're taking steps forward, they'll just remove an awesome feature, only to return it a few years afterward to make people want to return. In the case of games similar to CoD as well as any annual release game , you'll get an entire story mode, online, and maybe a second mode or two modes to play. With Madden it's essentially an exhibit, franchise, or a way to blow your money on Ultimate Team.

Since MLB was released on Xbox it has made me realize the amount of work EA is able to do every year. While I love games that involve baseball, and I was ecstatic when MLB the Show was released on Xbox I was disappointed to discover that it's not as fun as the previous games that let you play an entire season in franchise mode and move, sign, and let players go based on contracts. I loved that part of the game, but now you're required to collect the cards of players you like and create your own MUT teams. I was unable to play any of the game modes , like MLB the Show or Madden.

Video games are superior to IRL sports in that they don't have to be governed by the reality. Madden can introduce a plethora of new features and offer players an enormous amount of choices (like they did in the past) and provide new and new experiences each year. At present it's not happening.

It's not feasible to develop all the new things from scratch within the timeframe. It would be better to release one major games every three or four years (or to work around console generation) with a significantly reduced price to "roster updates" in the new seasons.

But, they're not going to do this. They're looking for an annual reset of their Dream Team modes etc. They even have the wits to continue releasing "legacy" versions for FIFA for Vita and Switch which were simply the latest updates for players and teams and charging full price.

It's just not possible to program all the latest technology from scratch within the timeframe. They did it before. In the 2000's , they would return year after year with great upgrades and adjustments to franchise mode , the mechanics of player movement and so on. The time is there and the resources to make it happen but they don't.

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