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Madden 23 Game Modes & New Features

Madden 23 is just a few short weeks away, and we've already discovered the various game modes gamers can take pleasure in. Here's what we know so far about all the Mut 23 coins game modes as well as new features set to arrive this year.

All the attention in the past year was focused on FieldSENSE. And this updated gameplay engine is quite a big deal for Madden 23. But, the highlight has a caveat as those who aren't playing PS5 or Xbox Series X|S aren't going to benefit of this major enhancement.

FieldSENSE completely revamps the gameplay system with new animations, branching systems and animations which affect all aspects in Madden 23. We got to test FieldSENSE on the field during an open Madden 23 beta, and our initial impressions were very positive about how the changes help. More details about the in-depth reveal for each game mode are anticipated shortly before launch, but we'll share what we've learned so far about each during the lead-up toward Madden 23.

Franchise Mode

Although gameplay was good and the beta had some optimistic news about Franchise Mode, with the new features lacking in comparison to what fans had hoped to find. Franchise did receive a new contract system with player motivations however, the absence of Create A Team and other key features remain an issue.

Face of the Franchise: The League (Career Mode)

If there's a shining star in Madden 23. it's most likely to be Face of the Franchise: The League, what some players might refer to as Career Mode. The game has removed the collegiate layers from previous years and introduced exciting new features, such as weekly side activities. We've got more info here about how Face of the Franchise The League impressed us in its closed beta.

The Franchise's Face: The Yard

We didn't get to test it in the trial, it was apparent that they've made an official connection The Yard into Face of the Franchise even on the main menu in Madden 23. With that integration in place it will be possible to develop your avatar through Career Mode with rewards you can use to buy gear and then head to The Yard for the same challenges that we played in the backyard last year.

Superstar KO

We've had very little information about Superstar's Superstar KO feature in Madden 23. However, we're not expecting it to differ from what it was in Madden 23. Players will continue to be able to join forces in this online co-op elimination mode, with Superstar X-Factor abilities always turned on. Additionally, fans can expect unique stadiums as well as a variety of game rules for this year.

Madden Ultimate Team (MUT 23)

In the final, but definitely not least it's the controversial Madden Ultimate Team game mode back again. MUT 23 did seem more refined than our initial glimpse of the beta, but overall it seems like the kind of game that fans can expect in Ultimate Team. The only difference is that there are a ton of new content releases in the first few days of the launch season. Those who want the best advantage in the beginning may wish to get a pre-order for one of the most popular versions from Madden 23.

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