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WOW WoTLK Classic is in raids and finish game dungeons

Nobody speaks whatsoever in the dungeons too, I had a run when I asked some question, nobody answered, the only real interaction in a dungeon so much was somebody raging. So yeah WOW WoTLK Classic is fun if you do world content but as soon as you get into the multiplayer part it can be quite frustrating at times. You casuals have to understand one thing. You are there, together. Thats how it is. The enjoyable and community component of WOW WoTLK Classic is in raids and finish game dungeons, once you're on discord with your buddies and have good time. But to accomplish that, you need to go out of your comfort zone and really make effort to locate good guild and equipment to discover a location in raids etc.. Dont expect lvl dungeon nobody cares about to me place of deep convos and interacting.

WOW WoTLK Classic sucks in the event that you play it alone. Unless playing alone is exactly what you want. Like, leveling daily, doing pet struggles, farming old raids for mounts n shit, if that's your thing, you will have fun. Because you'll only play WOW players who are just as you've described them: Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush, hurry, me, me, me, and of course, I'm so much better thany'all I am not gont squander my time with you. Playing solo no one's got time anymore, no one's got patience. Everyone is used to getting whatever they want instantly, and if you do not fit in their schedule afterward fucking fuck you.

If you'd like any enjoyment out of playing with others you absolutely must find a guild - since with a proper guild those ideas you were talking about are absolutely nonetheless present. But there is the catch, you're going to want a correct guild for this - and people are incredibly tough to find. To discover a guild that aligns with you values, ideals and needs you have to go through an ocean of sea of garbage, absolute and utter garbage. And this gets much harder if you want to play WOW WoTLK Classic at a specific level - because finding WOW players that are on your ability level AND also happen not to be complete assholes is a massive undertaking.

WOW WoTLK Classic does nevertheless have communities, the good ones are just super hard to get into, and understandably so - if you don't make it super hard to enter your community... you'll just end up with a lot of asocial self love fuckers. You have to wade through this endless swamp of trash guilds to perhaps eventually find the one that perfectly fits you. However, as I said, that is a huge job, super frustrating and super time consuming, something a lot of men and women are not really willing to do - so that they stay in their asocial solo player bubble because...
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