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Return to the room and make a left turn, traveling north until you reach the intersection of pathways. Each one of these pathways end in a space, every one of which has a mokoko seed.

Lost Ark 4th to 6th mokoko seed in Origins of Stern

Northwest office: As you enter the office, stroll to the north-facing corner and then walk over to the assistant Inga. You'll notice a plush red sofa facing a bookcase. While you're looking at it there's a vase sitting on the floor to just to the right side of the sofa. There's also a mokoko seed in the floor behind it.

Northeast office The Northeast office is one of the largest office of Assistant Raiza. Once you have passed the two guards, go left and then walk to where a sofa and comfortable chair are arranged around a low table. The next mokoko is nestled on the floor, between the couch and the chair.

Southeast office The office is home to Assistant Reben. Once inside, you'll turn right (south) towards a desk with three chairs around it. There's a seed on the left right side of the desk on the floor behind the chairs, with their backs to the wall.

Mokoko Seed Seven Mokoko Seed Seven Hall of Transcendence

You can enter the Hall of Transcendence by the main entrance, located just north from the Industrial District Triport. After entering, go up the lefthand staircase and take the first left turn at the top, heading toward the northwest. You'll come into a room with four desks , as well as lots of bookcases. You can walk into the eastern part of the room, where you'll discover the seventh mokoko seed hidden by the bookcases on the floor. Be aware that when you enter the hall, you will also find the three components of the untold story, and the Greatest Evolution Form in Arthetine which is required for an Adventurer's Tome.

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