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RuneScape 3 has changed a lot from the way RuneScape used to be

This is a brand new product that is available through The Keldagrim Stonemason Shop for the appropriate price of 10 , million GP... every." The company goes on to claim that the most appealing aspect of the Golden Sink is that it actually functions as an actual sink.

In relation to cash, Jagex has also increased the amount of bank space available within Old School Runescape, for both P2P and F2P players. Additional bank space can be purchased in 40 sets, which leaves 9 sets, which means there's 360 additional spaces to choose from.

According to the developer blog, "each set costs more than the previous one, and several sets can be bought in one transaction." The first expansion costs 1 million GP and the final set will cost 500 million GP.

In Runescape, Jagex are bringing back one of the most sought-after game-related items for a short duration. As part of a brand new event that will run from now until January 3, 2022 players will be able obtain an updated version of the iconic "Partyhat" the item which was originally only available in a Christmas-themed event back in 2001.

In the midst of a sunny afternoon at Maracaibo, Venezuela, Alexander Marinez is a man with short-cropped black hair, and three-to-four-day stubble, was seated at his computer monitoring herbiboars through the mushroom forests of Fossil Island. He was pressed down with the glowing keyboard, which is the latest addition to his old-fashioned gaming set-up.

The character that he pixelated on his computer screen traced the path of a hedgehog-like creature sporting triangular tusks as well as plants sprouting out of its back. Outside Marinez's house, the sun glowed down his dirt driveway. The house is about six miles away from the strait connecting to the Caribbean Sea with Lake Maracaibo which is one of the richest oilspots.

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