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Go for the Lost Ark Twitch Drops site

Open your profile by pressing P. You'll find a tab with engravings just to the right of virtues and skins. The tab lists the severity of the engravings you're affected by (more about how to do this in the future). Each engraving is comprised of fifteen nodes in its row and for every five nodes, the effect of the engraving is increased. If an engraving is able to combine bonuses with penalties The penalty will not alter as the effect of the engraving increases, but it will be a bit more.

For instance for instance, for instance, the Precise Dagger engraving gives an greater chance of hitting critical targets however it decreases the amount of damage that crits can cause. In the initial level (five nodes) it's an unchanging +4% crit rate, with a -12% crit damage.

In two levels (10 nodes) it increases to +10 percent crit rate, however the reduction in crit damage is still -12 percent. This is the same at 3rd level (all fifteen nodes) which is where it reaches an increase of 20% crit rate however, it remains the crit damage of -12. If you're hitting critical hits frequently, you likely aren't bothered by each hit not hitting as hard.

If only four nodes are litup, engravings won't be able to have any effect. If you are able to collect enough bonus points to illuminate over 15 of the nodes, that extra isn't a factor.

There's a third type of engraving. All of these are negative, and could reduce the speed of your attack as well as damage, defense or speed of movement. I'll return to these jerks in the future.

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