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NBA 2K21 Predicts NBA Playoffs Outcomes

"Contrary to the Madden franchise, which has been content to churn out virtually the exact same game every year, the NBA 2K series likes taking chances," reads the opening of our review of this match. "Each new iteration of this game attempts to find ways to boost player expertise, whether that's through the MyCareer narrative, MyTeam, or even the gameplay itself. With NBA 2K21, the franchise made one of its worst and most bothersome changes in its own history, albeit with good intentions. The development team decided to overhaul the shooting mechanics for this new game, hoping to earn a more precise experience for gamers, but it turned out to be a recipe for disaster."

To coincide with the official beginning of the NBA playoffs now, NBA 2K21 has tried to predict which group will be the champion once the season comes to a close. This is something that many sports games often do for pleasure whenever playoff time rolls around. And when it comes to this year's simulation in 2K Sports, the outcomes likely lineup with what many fans think will transpire.

The Lakers are now the reigning champions of the NBA in this time and are looking to repeat for the organization's first time in over a decade. To see both Brooklyn and Los Angeles progress this far in NBA 2K21's simulated version of the playoffs is not all that shocking. Not only have those two teams been the most talked about in the actual world all season long, but they also likely have the most star power in the league as well.

As for other noteworthy expectations according to this simulation, there are not too many different surprises. The Philadelphia 76ers are expected to face the Nets in the Eastern Conference Finals while the Lakers are planned to square up against the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Convention.

Probably the most noteworthy results from this simulation will be that NBA 2K21 expects the Denver Nuggets and Milwaukee Bucks to each lose their opening series against the Portland Trailblazers and Miami Heat. Considering the Heat were in the Finals per year ago and the Nuggets are missing one of the star players because of injury, even this result expectation isn't all that shocking. Do you feel this is actually what will transpire in real life? Allow me to know your personal predictions either down.

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