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Mmoexp - as SpongeBob's role in Madden NFL 21

However, one Twitter post from CBS perfectly describes the logic behind the pairing, as SpongeBob's role in Madden NFL 21 is connected to the NFL playoffs. This Sunday, the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears will be playing every other in a Wild Card game, with each team expecting to brave the challenging path to the Super Bowl. However, the game won't only be broadcasted on CBS, as a double broadcast will occur on Nickelodeon.

The Twitter post announcing the news showcases some of the things that are going to be seen in the Nickelodeon version of this event, with the televised appearance including some searchable images such as slime in the Kid's Choice Awards and googly eyes being placed on NFL stars. With visuals mimicking the most popular online sport Roblox being used to recap particular plays, the broadcast certainly appears to know its audience.

The more child-friendly variant of the game may even see sideline terrorists being substituted by Nickelodeon stars such as All That's Lex Lumpkin, along with the double broadcast of this playoff game seems like a exceptional effort to get kids more interested in the game of soccer.

The Tweet also mentions SpongeBob, with all the the character's participation in the event explained via a post on the ViacomCBS website. Together with the business owning both CBS and Nickelodeon, the thought process behind the double broadcast seems obvious, and the post also details a major reason behind the Nickelodeon revealing of this Wild Card game.

With plenty of people likely tuning in by halftime, Nickelodeon will have the ability to premiere the first trailer for the SpongeBob Squarepants spinoff series Kamp Koral, which visits everyone from Sandy to Plankton as portrayed as kids. A pre-game countdown will observe the NFL's Von Miller recapping SpongeBob's sports-themed minutes, which will surely include clips in the Bubble Bowl performance and Fry Cook contest.

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