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'OSRS' Konar Drop Table: New Slayer Master Rare Drops May See Nerfs, states Jagex

Jagex has posted a listing of what gamers can expect in the upgraded Konar Drop List codefix that will go live later today. You can locate the changes in the Konar Drop list segment of the guide, below. On Thursday, Jagex deployed one of the largest content updates that the Old School Runescape (OSRS) game has seen in six years. The brand new update added a totally new region to the match, dubbed the Kebos Lowlands. While players have thrilled over the many changes the new content has attracted, like the addition of a Farming Guild along with also a New Slayer Master, there has appeared quite a bit of fuss, particularly from more experienced players, within the new Konar Drop Table. The new Slayer Master includes a rewarding fall, providing infrequent drops such as Snapdragon and Torstol herbs or magic seeds -- items that are otherwise rather tricky to acquire.

In reaction to this community concerns, Jagex declared Wednesday that the developers are implementing a codefix to correct the Konar Drop Table. According to the devs, the average worth of Konar's drops will stay the same but there will be changes. The article also notes that new incentives for example uniques will be used also. Once the upgrade was implemented we will be sure to bring the details. Meanwhile, we've put together a list of the current Konar Slayer Master drops as released at the Kebos Lowland update. You can also have a look at our in-depth breakdown of the entire Kebos Lowland upgrade, here.

The new Slayer Master Konar comes with its own unique rewards drop list. Whenever players choose to a slayer task delegated by Konar, every kill got has a chance of hitting on the global drop table, but also Konar's own drop table. The opportunity of hitting Konar's fall table depends on the combat level of the NP the participant is fighting. The loot you receive from Konar drops is given in addition to the loot from the global table. Konar drops may consist of everything from generic loot like food to keep them in conflict, to infrequent drops like the Dragon Hasta. Players can finally spend the OSRS nostalgia on the move. If you're considering attempting this portable game out and getting yourself an OSRS account, here are eight things that you need to know about it. However, before that, have a look at the setup requirements. Like other MMOs, Runescape received many changes throughout the years. However, that wasn't on board and preferred how the game looked and worked in 2007. To establish if the developers will produce a version that retains the match's 2007 mechanics and aesthetics, then a survey in the match official forums was held.

There has been a long time between the release of OSRS and OSRS Mobile. Within those gap years, some players, being the smart and tech-savvy people that they are, managed to locate a way to play OSRS match on the phone. Evidently, this doesn't have support from Jagex, but it's still pretty cool that you can take your Gielinor experiences with you.

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