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Old School RuneScape Heads to Steam February 24

Jagex have declared the Steam release date of free-to-play classic MMORPG Old School RuneScape. In 2013, developer Jagex released a brand new branch of Runescape, dependent on the 2007 version of the game. It became a free-to-play game in 2015, and sees regular content updates via community votes. The first Runescape started in 2001. Players are free to have the world because they see fit; using over 140 quests and 23 skills using a free accounts, and a full membership adding 120 more quests and eight more skills. Existing Old School accounts can be used with all the Steam version, together with all progress stored undamaged.

Some people just want to hang out with buddies. And you will find lots of folk to do this with in Gielinor. But people who need seek a different kind of adventure have plenty of choices, too. Regardless of what you're specializing in, the pursuit for the ideal loot will have skillers and perfectionists obsessing over their personality builds. The strongest wand, the mightiest bow, the most *amazing * hat -- there's always something to aim for. And if you're one of the most ardent adventurers, be certain to let folks know by minding one of many Capes of Accomplishment. Who knows, perhaps one day that the fabled Max Cape can be yours?

A rich narrative and deep well of lore await those whose interests are more cerebral, too. From the dastardly dealings of corrupt rulers to the daily musings of the village baker, stories of ... world-shattering urgency and casual procrastination abound. Over two dozen important quest-lines make it possible for players to delve into Gielinor's future and past, and also the pages are still being written, waiting for you to watch their sanity. This world goes where you go, too, with full cross-compatibility around PC and mobile versions!

The secret to Old School's achievement is equally unique and special -- it is you! In the afternoon Old School was born, we realized that building on the game's foundations while staying loyal to its essence was essential. That's why players have the deciding vote on every improvement that is or is not introduced into the game. In-game polling isn't the sole real interaction, either. Join developers on their routine behind-the-scenes live-streams, or talk with them straight across our many social stations. Old School is owned as much by its players as it's its makers.

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