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Rsgoldfast - The revenants sometimes drop coins

They roam through the Wilderness, occasionally stalking alone and sometimes hunting in packs, so you'd better keep a watchful eye out for them while you are sojourning in that barren land. Beyond that, they could cure themselves and cure themselves of poison a restricted number of times. If you see a revenant approaching, you'd better run for your life or prepare for a seriously challenging fight.

The revenants sometimes drop coins, offering the chance of higher rewards based on their Combat level, and a few of these (on participants' worlds) may even drop precious runes, dragon daggers or hint scrolls. If you realize that a revenant has blocked you from teleporting, then it will last for five minutes, or until you leave the Wilderness. Note: Regardless of the type of revenant you're fighting, you don't need a Slayer level to kill them.

A lot of individuals, when doing level 3 hints from the wilderness, watched Pkers. The majority of the time, the Pkers just let the clue individual go, since they had nothing of worth. We should imitate this by Revenants, by doing this: Creating a small percentage of the present Revenants"Angry", because their god did not triumph in the god wars. These"Angry" Revenants will attack players no matter what they're carrying. Normal revenants simply won't attack other players because they don't have any interest in the items that hint carriers need to give for their gods. To be identified as a clue carrier.

Once you get your reward, however, all revenants will be able to attack you, same as a pker once you got your third era from that clue. Note Well that you have to have a hint, Sextant, Watch and chart on your stock to be identified as a hint carrier. The Spade and also a Weapon are the only other things you may have on you: Anything else results in all revenants attacking you.

Many Pkers did not venture out into the wildy using Mage, Melee, and Range gear in the same time. However, Revenants are able to do precisely that. To make it more powerful on gamers, Revenants ought to be allocated a combat style most of the time. Lone Revenants may have 3 or 2 Combat styles, like solo pkers. Revenants that traveling in classes will have a single battle style, which Isn't biased, like clans.

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