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Madden 15-20 have been somewhat similar concerning design

They took away captains. I was ready to grind my favourite team but no it is just coaches and schemes. Ok, I am kind of thankful for no moving over this year, moreover madden money and logos. But I might be mad, IDK. Should've known something was up when an offer for 30,000 in MC more than 60 days for only $19.99 popped up from the store. Figured EA was just being nice since it had been the end of the season. Silly roamin. You have ta admit, u/EA_Messina, pretty shady stuff from the company. Feels like strike 3 to me. Edit: whatever you do, do not alter your mind after. With this announcement, I'm going to begin unloading all the MC I've saved up. Deciding in the last moment to go ahead and move it to the new app will burn a bridge here.

I know a good deal of this frustration. We tried to inform you before the new field pass so you can create your own decision about how to proceed. New App doesn't allow transfer of any sort. It's not an option we chose to fail. I expect you tune in to the flows and see a great deal of the new stuff M21M has to offer, there is a lot to be shown every Monday for the next month. 1st Party App stores don't permit transfers.

What happens if we have MC balance at the end of the season? Can you shed any light about the reasoning behind this bold move? I'd have to presume it's upgrading the engine or the framework for which they want the game built. Madden 15-20 have been somewhat similar concerning design, together with live events, seasons, and these. Madden 25 (in case you played that far back) was enormously different, and also the exact last program before this new iteration that has been happening for 6 years.

I played with every mobile variant and the first console John Madden Football on the Genesis. Then yeah, same company between the versions in terms of transfer. That's horseshit. You're already connecting accounts. Unless MC is not needed because the new game is completely Free to Play (hahahahahahahahahaha) then a money conversion is straightforward.

Consumers are even doing the hard work for you by linking the accounts now utilised to those that will be used later on. Either you have some really shitty developers who can't make a basic table, or this is a choice brought on by greed or greed. So compensate us equally in the next year's game. I've got $200 of MC that's currently useless. Unfortunately it's not useless as you are still able to use it. But all of us know telling us in mid June is a classless move by them.

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